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tagged by little tiny :iconvalichan:

1.) You must post these rules
2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3.) Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal
4.) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been TAGGED!
5.) Not something stupid like 'you are tagged you read this.'
6.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people
7.) No tag-backs.
8.) Can't say, no tags
9.) Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry.

1) Who is your OTP? (OTP: One true pairing if you don't know)
i have too many otp//shot
but if you mean the ones im currently obsessed with to the level of opening their pixiv tag instead of sleep and have to contain myself to buy magazines just for their posters-
mekakucity actors/kagepro - kanokido (bury me in the kanokido) shinaya (ALL THE SWEET SWEET TRAGEDYYYY//SHOT) setokanokido(i want you to be happy god please let them be happy)
senyuu (there are no senyuu things i wanna cry) - rosalba (i hate both of you//cries) creashio (PLEASE I JUST WANT YOU IDIOTS TO BE HAPPY//CRIES) crearuki (AKA THE CUTEST THING EEEEEEEE) foyhime (you stupid asshats)

and some other things but im lazy//shot

2) Drawing or writting?
draaaaaw i like writing shit but i can't write shit hah//shot

3) Do you watch kids shows? If yes, which ones? ewe
//cough cough everything//shot
i guess pretty much those cartoons on tv? spongebob, adventure time, danny phantom, american dragon, totaly spies, winx, witch, knd, teen titans (why were you canceled), young justice (WHY WERE YOU CANCELED), atla, lok (kids show my ass) etc etc those sorts of things.w.
yeah i think i watch most of it, like idk, a lot._. name stuff and id probably remember//shot

4) Pokemon or Digimon?
ineverwatcheddigimontheywerealwaysonatearlymorningiwasstillsleeping//shot pokemoooon

5) Do you speak another language beside english?
ye.w. indonesian which is similar to malayan//shot, tiny bit of chinese, bataknese and japanese//shot

6) Favourite month?
idk non//shot

7) Are you an early bird or night owl?
night owl//shot

8) Favourite dessert?

9) Which magical creature would you like to be?

10) Have you ever lived an earthquake?
vali why//shot
heh indo's smack dab in the ring of fire so yeah//shot
i think i remember going through 3? well those are the ones i felt and remember anyway//shot
jakarta's practically always shaking with all those huge ass trucks in tiny alleyways so i don't remember/know some small ones
but around 5 upwards i think yeah around 3? the one i remember the most was 9th grade during school my friend got so surprised she screamed during this in class movie that it was scarier than the movie itself//shot

1) super powers super powers tell me your wished super powers~!
2) now your actual powers!
3) fav story genre?/o/ also im bored gimme a thing//shot
4) yes hi do you watch nat geo//shot
5) did you ever picture life like this? no shooting stars to make a wish//shot
6) have you told yourself you're great today? you oughta, go go go
7) elf is a goddamn nerd pass it on//shot
8) what flavor do you read on yer fics? tragedy? angst? fluffy fluffy? sappy romance thing? the deed???//shot
9) hello do any of yall know zbrush send help//shot
10) gimme a candy name!\owo/

have a nice daaay
or night

to do
:star: commission :iconprismaticmemories:
:star: commission :iconsagojyousartpage:
  • Listening to: nano - unhappy refrain
  • Reading: kagepro
  • Watching: K


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Denika Daniels
Artist | Student | Digital Art


Glad to meet’cha!
Thanks for coming!>w<

also to everyone who visits,


lastly, please, if you found any of my picture or a w.i.p. or use it in your pics, don't admit it as yours and tell me first. seriously i just had enough with art thieves

have a nice day~


Current Residence: Viridian City
Favourite genre of music: pop, rock, classic
Favourite style of art: anything that looks good, cute and cool
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: a lot
Personal Quote: everything starts from zero

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Oh, and have u completed ur manga of yellowxred? (I 4gt what that shippin is called!!! This is what happens when I'm away frm my pokespe girl for too long!!!!! NUUUUUU!!!!!!!)
I'm gonna complete my reading!!! But it'll have to wait (some other witches r bothering me to read theirsIgnore that I exagerate too much.... but yes, I did promise I would read theirs first... but I STILL HAVE TIME 4 URS TOO YAAAY! Hopefully! lol)

Anyway, I hope to hear frm ya soon! ^^
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